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Design, Back-end, Front-end, QA, Management

Marketing management tool that allows user to track spends, pacing, manage budgets with automated reactions on overspend, update campaign budget and status.


Connecting, Budget creation and management

Data sources

Currently EDEE provides possibility to manage campaign budgets on Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.

Budget creation and management

Budget can be recurring based on day of the week or month, or have a custom amount of days, or be a one-off with custom range. It also can include campaigns from all data sources simultaneously. In case budget is hit it can automatically pause campaign or reduce daily budget by provided amount of percents. Or it can be done manually.

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Changes history, Team members, reporting

Changes history

We’ve added ability to see which action was performed by each user. That allows to keep company admin poster about every updates on a platform.

Team member management

Depending on user role, team member can be restricted in clients he can have access to.

Features and reporting

Reporting provided with bunch of metrics can be monitored in different levels like Client, Budget and Campaign, as well as each budget’s and client’s pacing can be compared on a single graph.


Lots of requests to fetch reports

High amount of mertics queried in performance report loads 3rd party API.


We developed a system that is sensitive to 3rd party APIs resources. As a result we can process multiple requests simultaneously, delay ones in case resources are about to exhaust in order to keep reports fresh and react on budget spend on time.


August 2020 - March 2021 + maintenance

Our participation

1 back-end developer
1 front-end developer
1 QA engineer
1 project manager
1 devOps

Used technologies


Laravel, MySQL, 3rd party, APIs, AWS, EC2, RDS

Client-side & tools

React, Redux

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