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IPmonitor is a cutting-edge monitoring tool designed to track the status and various characteristics of domains and IP addresses.  IPmonitor allows users to monitor multiple IP addresses from a single account. By adding all relevant IP addresses to their IPMonitor account, users can effortlessly track various reputation parameters associated with each address. This feature eliminates the need for manual tracking and provides a centralized platform for managing IP reputation.

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With over 200 blacklists being scanned daily, IPMonitor ensures thorough monitoring of IP addresses. By regularly checking these blacklists, users can promptly identify if any of their IP addresses have been blacklisted and take appropriate action to address the issue. This proactive approach helps maintain a positive reputation and prevents potential disruptions to online activities.
IPMonitor goes beyond traditional blacklists and incorporates Microsoft SNDS monitoring. This feature tracks important SNDS filter statuses, such as spam complaint rate and trap hit rate, allowing users to stay informed about their IP addresses’ performance within Microsoft’s email ecosystem. By leveraging this information, users can identify and resolve any potential issues affecting their email deliverability and sender reputation.

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SenderScore monitoring is another crucial aspect of IPMonitor. It enables users to log and track SenderScore metrics associated with their IP addresses. Users can filter their IP addresses based on specific SenderScore levels, enabling them to focus on areas that require attention. This functionality empowers users to optimize their email deliverability and maintain a positive sender reputation.
IPMonitor offers historical data reporting, granting users access to their IP address’s historical data. By analyzing changes over time, users can identify trends, patterns, or sudden shifts in IP reputation. This valuable insight allows for informed decision-making and the implementation of appropriate actions to improve IP reputation and avoid potential issues.

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Technologies and tools

The technology stack utilized for this project includes Laravel v10, PHP v8.2, Redis, and MySQL, with the incorporation of Jetstream, Sanctum, Socialite bundles on the backend, and Livewire for the frontend.
In order to tackle the primary challenge of significantly enhancing performance and query execution speed for DNS, rDNS, and HTTP servers, we introduced several key tools and packages. We leveraged the power of asynchronous requests using Amphp/DNS, Amphp/HTTP-client, and Amphp/pipeline packages, allowing us to efficiently handle various types of requests.

To streamline the development and deployment process, we made use of Docker and Docker Compose. These tools facilitated easy setup and ensured consistency across different environments. Version control was managed using Git, with the codebase hosted on GitHub, enabling effective collaboration and code sharing.

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To maintain high code quality, we implemented PHPStan and PHPCS for static analysis and adherence to coding standards. Functional testing played a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and functionality of the system.

Our main focus throughout the project was to overcome the challenges related to performance optimization. The need for faster and more efficient query execution drove us to employ asynchronous requests using PHP 8.1’s built-in fibers. Furthermore, we organized task queues on Redis to handle request processing. While the final results are still being evaluated, we believe that we have impressed the client with significantly improved monitoring speed.

Overall, the combination of cutting-edge technologies, meticulous testing, and performance optimizations has made IPmonitor a powerful and reliable tool for monitoring the status and characteristics of domains and IP addresses.

Group 162

Ongoing project (March 2023 - July 2023)

Our participation

2 Fullstack developers
1 QA engineer
1 Project manager

Used technologies

Laravel, PHP, Redis, MySQL, Jetstream, Sanctum, Socialite, Livewire

Amphp/HTTP-client, Amphp/pipeline, Amphp/DNS, Docker, Docker ComposeGit GitHub, PHPStan, PHPCS


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