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Our Participation

Front-end, Back-end, QA

Build a Ecommerce website in order to sell and promote Light therapy devices. The client`s company mission is to help those peoples, around the world, who are deprived
of Sunlight, – they do this by innovation in the science and art of creating artificial Light.

Ecommerce website which is designed to provide users with all the relevant information regarding the advantages of Light therapy and sell the Light therapy devices so users can compare research conclusions and real experience.


Order Flow

Users can easily purchase a device(s) filling in a short order form and pick a suitable payment method from different available options and fill up personal info.

Integration with logistic company

Each order from website can be easily synchronized with Logistic company so the orders packaging executes very fast. Analitical tools integration – Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.

Translations system

The application has a complicated translation system which allows easily manage as many different languages as required.


Calculations and discounts

The app has a complicated system of discounts. There are discounts grounding on number of devices ordered, different discounts (persentage, fixed price). Also the clients can see Full prices of products and VAT excl prices depending on the user`s region.


Admin Dashboard

– Allows manage orders, see the full data of the person who made the order;
– See payment statuses (pending, paid, failed);
– Synchronize paid orders with Delivery company;
– Warranty registartions managing;
– Make translations for all language versions of the website in the easies way possible;
– Transfer all data from tables to csv or excel;
– Manage Prices for different regions;
– Manage currencies displayed for different regions.


Delivery service integration

There was a task to integrate the website with Delivery service. The service was choosen by the client. The challange was that the company uses FTP server for orders processing whcih is pretty outdated approach.


Even though the sytem was outdated to integrate with and documentation provided wasn`t clear enough our team managed to find a way of integration in a short time and adapt the codebase in order it could perform stable syncronization with the server.


Ongoing project (started May 2020)

Our participation

1 back-end developers
1 front-end developers
1 project manager
1 SEO specialist

Used Technologies


PHP, Laravel, Domain Driven Design, MySQL, Docker, AWS

Client-side & Tools

Lodash, GSAP, GIT (GitLab), Webpack, Laravel Mix, Bootstrap 4, Axios

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