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Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, QA, DevOps, PM

Transport Management System is a comprehensive CMS/admin panel developed for a large logistics company in the USA. The primary objective of the project was to provide a platform for drivers and logisticians to manage their operations efficiently.


Application Performance

One of the challenges faced during the implementation was to store and display the media files without compromising server and browser performance. To solve this issue, we decided to use LiipImagine, which is an image manipulation abstraction toolkit for Symfony-based projects. LiipImagine offered functionalities such as resizing, cropping, and drawing API for creating shapes and charts, as well as the ability to apply masks for transparency effects.

Furthermore, we needed to store the media files on Amazon S3 while optimizing the display quality. Leveraging Amazon CloudFront, we were able to route all image loading and rendering through the CloudFront service instead of our application server. This approach significantly improved the application’s performance.


Truck routes on a map

Another crucial task was to build and display truck routes on a map. While it seemed straightforward to use the Google Directions API for this purpose, we encountered challenges due to the limitations imposed on trucks.

In reality, trucks cannot always follow the routes displayed by Google due to various restrictions on dimensions, weight, and other parameters. These differences between the actual route and the one shown in the system can result in variations of tens or even hundreds of kilometers, which directly affect delivery cost calculations.


To overcome this challenge, we extensively explored alternative solutions and found that was an ideal fit. allowed us to specify additional parameters to generate routes based on the specific truck’s capabilities. This ensured that the routes provided were feasible for the given truck, considering all restrictions. Additionally, we implemented functionality to track the distance covered by the truck in each state and calculate the toll expenses incurred.

Throughout the project, we encountered and addressed numerous hurdles to ensure the successful implementation of Transport Management System. The utilization of LiipImagine, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, and played pivotal roles in optimizing media file management and providing accurate truck routes, enhancing the overall efficiency of the logistics company’s operations.


Ongoing project (started January 2022)

Our participation

1 front-end developer
2 back-end developers
1 QA engineer
1 devOps
1 project manager

Used Technologies


PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Stimulus.js, HTML, AWS


PHPStan and CodeSniffer, JWT, Twilio, SendGrid, Firebase, Amazon S3 + Amazon CloudFront, FFmpeg, wkHTMLtoPDF, Samsara, Blue Star ELD, Swift ELD, EFS

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